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long term earthquakes are earthquakes that are for a long period of time and short term earthquakes are when the earthquakes are for a short period of time

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Q: What is the difference between long-term earthquakes and short-term?
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Difference between pooling of risk in shortterm and longterm insurance?

terms period

What are difference between earthquakes and hurricanes?

A hurricane is a storm. A earthquake is movement of the earth.

What is the difference between an seismologist and a geologist?

A geologist studies rock formations. A seismologist studies earthquakes.

What is the difference between shallow focus earthquakes and deep focus earthquakes?

Shallow focus earthquakes occur at depths of 70 km with magnitudes ranging from 1-5. Deep focus earthquakes occur at depths from 300-700 km and magnitudes from 6-10.

What is the relationship between earthquakes and tornadoes?

There is no relationship between tornadoes and earthquakes.

What is the difference between oscillatory and trepidatory earthquakes?

Oscillatory movement is either to and fro or side to side; trepidatory is up and down.

How the difference or similarity between the 1989 and 1906 of earthquakes' information?

well it does start kinda at the same time and kinda same damage

Why are some earthquakes are stronger than other?

there is a difference between the types of plate movement and a difference in the distance from the Earth's surface.

Are earthquakes caused by tectonic plates?

It is both because earthquakes are gecologic events.

Connection between earthquakes and volcanos?

One connection between earthquakes and volcanoes is that they all have to do with Plate Tectionics and they destroy things

Where are earthquakes manily located?

Earthquakes are usually located in between two tectonic plates.

What is difference between the focus and the epicenter of an earthquake?

The difference between the epicentre and the focus of earthquakes is this:The focus of the earthquake is where the actual earthquake occurred and the epicentre is on the ground directly above the focus. The epicentre is used to say where the earthquake was in relation to places near where it occurred.Hope this helped :)