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The only difference is laser light used in lidar instead of radio waves in radar that means in radar they are using radio waves but in lidar we are using laser light by means of near infrared, green laser like that we are using many laser pulse in lidar technology

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Radar (radio detection and ranging) and Lidar (light detection and ranging),

Radar:- Radar units transmit radio waves at a designated frequency that reflect off of a moving target vehicle and return to the unit.The difference between the transmitted frequency and the return frequency is called the Doppler frequency or Doppler shift, which is used to determine the target vehicle's speed. The greater the shift received by the unit, the greater the speed.

Lidar:-Lidar (light detection and ranging), on the other hand, sends out a laser beam. The initial bursts of light allow the lidar unit to determine the distance to the target vehicle.

both Radars and Liars are used to measure the speed of vehicles but many officers prefer to use radar in fastest mode to easily obtain the speed of the motorcycle.

LIDAR does take slightly longer than receiving a reading using radar.

Both are failed in the heavy traffic situations.

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Q: What is the difference between lidars and radars?
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