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Q: What is the difference between liability and indemnity?
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What is the difference between strict liability and tortuous liability?

difference between strict liability and tortious liability

What is the difference between contingent liability and off balance sheet liability?

There is no difference between Contingent Liability and Off Balance Sheet Liability.

Is there a difference between public liability and third party insurance?

difference between third party liability and public liability

What is the difference between general liability insurance and Truckers general liability insurance?

There is no difference.

The two aspects of general liability protection are?

Indemnity and defense

What does indemnity mean?

A legal obligation to cover a liability, however arising.

How do you use the word indemnity in a sentence?

The company paid an indemnity to the city for the street damage done by its trucks. The indemnity policy protected the bank's directors from any personal liability.

Horse Legal Liability vs stableman's liability?

Difference between horse liability and stableman coverage

What is the difference between absolute and strict liability?

In strict liability, there are certain defenses available whereas in absolute liability, there are none.

Difference between contract of indemnity and contract of guarantee?

my ans is that guarantee is to a set of the trust of some one .

What is Difference between liability and obligation?

Liability - is something covered by law. Obligation - is something you're 'expected' to do.

What is the difference between incorporated and corporated company?

incorporated has limited liability whereas corporated has unlimted liability

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