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The Left Tackle is generally one of the best offensive line man. A majority of the time the Left Tackle blocks the Defensive End. However if the play runs to the right the Tackle would get the Will (weak side) Linebacker.

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They are usally just their to try and sack the quater back

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Both can`t tackle.

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Q: What is the difference between left and right tackle?
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In offense there's the quarterback,tailback(halfback or runningback),fullback,wide reciever,tight end,left guard,left tackle,center,right tackle,right guard and right tackle. In defense there's the right end,defensive tackle,left end,cornerback,free safety and strong safety. In special teams,there's the kicker and punter.

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One reason would be that most quarterbacks in the NFL are right handed. The left tackle is responsible for protecting the right handed quarterback's blind side on passing plays unless, of course, the QB is rolling left. Similarly, the right tackle protects the blind side of a left handed quarterback.

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Offence: Wide Reciever, Quarterback, Running Back, Full Back, Left tackle, right tackle, center, right guard, left guard, and tight end. Defence: Left End, Right end, Nose Tackle, Middle Linebacker, Left outside linebacker, right outside linebacker, cornerback, strong safty, and free safety Special Teams: Kicker, Punter, Kick returner, punt returner

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