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there us no really big difference between them inuyasha final act is basicley the closing of the whole anime

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Q: What is the difference between inuyasha and inuyasha the final act?
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How many episodes are in the InuYasha - The Final Act?

There are 26 episodes in Inuyasha: The Final Act(Inuyasha Kanketsuhen).

Which Inuyasha voice actors aren't going to be in Inuyasha The Final Act?

Every voice actor changes in InuYasha The Final Act

How many series of inuyasha are there?

There are two- 'InuYasha' and 'InuYasha the Final Act'.

How many inuyasha series are there?

2: Inuyasha and Inuyasha- The Final Act.

Is the Inuyasha Final Act going to make more episodes?

there will only be 26 episodes for inuyasha the final act

When will Inuyasha Final Act come out in America?

Inuyasha final act English dub has been confirmd.January 21 2011

How many seasons of inuyasha is there?

InuYasha - 167 episodesInuYasha: The Final Act - 26 episodes

Are Inuyasha the final act 1 and Inuyasha episode 168 the same thing?

yes. inuyasha the final act 1 and inuyasha episode 168 are the same thing. just a different beginning.

Does inuyasha die in the final act?


When is inuyasha the final act coming to adult swim?

no there will not be an inuyasha the final act in English dub in adult swim and there will never be one

Will kagome be with Inuyasha?

Kagome and Inuyasha got married in Inuyasha The Final Act Epiosde 27.

What is the last season of inuyasha they made in 2009?

Inuyasha the Final Act is the newest season of inuyasha.