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Basically one is correct and one isn't. The accepted term in both psychology and literary usage is "internal monologue." A dialogue is between two people. A monologue involves one person.

Although the term internal dialogue is sometimes used by people, it isn't the correct usage, unless of course your characters have multiple personalities.

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Internal monologue is the inner voice that narrates one's thoughts and feelings. Internal dialogue involves a conversation within oneself between multiple perspectives or voices.

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Q: What is the difference between internal monologue and internal dialog?
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What is the difference between a dialog and a dramatic monolog?

Dialogue = 2+ people Monologue = 1 person

What dialog occurs between one or more characters?

All dialogue occurs between one or more characters -- that's the definition of dialogue. A monologue is when one person is talking to himself or herself.

How many characters are needed for a dialog?

2+. One character can talk to themself, but it then becomes a monologue.

What are the characteristics of a monologue?

can be as long as it needs to be but it is only spoken by one person unlike a dialog where people speak their point in the conversation. The monologue is only spoken by one person.

How does dialog differ from monologue?

A monologue (mono means one) is spoken or written by one person, a dialogue (di means two) is performed by at least two people.

What is internal dialog?


What is the difference between negotiation and dialog?

You try to reach an agreement in a negotiation whereas you communicate information in a dialogue.

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What is difference between opera and musical?

In general, opera is entirely sung, while operettas and musicals include spoken dialog.

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Internal dialog provides a sense of in terms of form?

Internal dialog allows readers to gain insight into a character's thoughts, emotions, and motivations. It can create a sense of intimacy and connection with the character, offering a deeper understanding of their inner world and enhancing the overall narrative.