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The difference between the two is, imediately means right away , to the point .

instantly, instance - meaning shortly after . (pro-adverb.noun+)

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Q: What is the difference between instantly and immediately?
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What is the synonyms of immediately?

instantly without delay

Do debit card payments go out of your account immediately?


What another word for from now on?

today, presently, instantly, currently, straightaway, immediately

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What is difference between repeat delay and repeat rate?

repeat rate happens grasually, whereas repeat delay happens instantly

How do you spell imediately?

Immediately. Remember that for later.thanks!(:

What is the difference between suddenly and immediately?

immediatly means as soon as, and suddenly means without our knowledge....

If I appy for a credit card online and am approved instantly can I use the card immediately?

No. They will not give you a number immediately, and will mail the card to you, usually in about a week.

What are some synonyms for suddenly?

immediately, instantaneously, instantly, straightaway, promptly, abruptly, swiftly; unexpectedly

Will exposure to outer space cause you to freeze before you explode?

Your blood would immediately boil killing you instantly.

Why can't I just release a mod instantly on moddb?

Never mind, you can choose to release it immediately. How can I delete this question?

What is the difference between sales and cash sales?

In cash sales, payments are made instantly by the buyer/customer to the seller, where as in credit sales, the payments are generally made after a specific period as agreed upon between the buyer and the seller.