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Interbreeding most commonly refers to breeding two different species within the same genus to get a hybrid. An example of this is breeding a male donkey and a female horse to get a mule.

Inbreeding refers to the breeding of two organisms who are related to one another.

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Q: What is the difference between inbreeding and interbreeding?
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What is the difference between cross breeding and inbreeding?

cross breeding is taking two different breeds of animals, inbreeding takes the same breed of animals

How are selective breeding techniques of hybridization and inbreeding opposite?

the difference is the point that hybridization is the combination of two different species or verities, and inbreeding is breeding between closely related people or species.

What is the difference between crossbreeding and inbreeding?

Inbreeding refers to breeding between (relatively) closely related individuals of one species. crossbreeding is commonly used to refer to breeding between different breeds of dog. Hope that helped. (I got this from a different site)

What is the difference between hybridization and inbreeding?

Hybridization crosses dissimilar individuals to have offspring with the best of both (Trial and Error), and Inbreeding crosses organisms that have similar characteristics (same type) - Pure Breeds

Reeders cross two genetically similar organisms is called?

a cross between dissimilar individual to bring together their best characteristic is called 1.hyberidiztion 2.interbreeding 3.sequencign 4.genetic engineering select one of them

Can interbreeding between cow and pig possible?

Absolutely not.

Are people that are part monkey real?

No, interbreeding between monkeys and humans is not possible.

Diseases caused by interbreeding?

Hemophilia is a major disease caused by interbreeding.

Can you eat eggs from interbreeding chickens?

Of course you can. Interbreeding has no effect on the egg as a food source.

The crossing of two indviduals that have similar characteristics is referred to as?

selective breeding not inbreeding

Are dog breeds produced by inbreeding or genetic engineering?


When was Inbreeding the Anthropophagi created?

Inbreeding the Anthropophagi was created in 1998-03.