What is the difference between idmt and dmt?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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idmt means inverse definite minimum time. so in this type of relay as the value of operand that is current increase time taken by the relay to operate decrease. higher the current lower is the time taken by the relay to operate. AND dmt definite minimum time (DMT) relay take its minimum time to operate regardless of the value of the current.

The definite mean time lag in disc type EM relays is inverse to current as the disc is faster at higher current and hence the less time.Definite mean time lag is possible in static relays by setting the time lag.

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Q: What is the difference between idmt and dmt?
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The CT associated with the DMT, IDMT, inverse, very inverse and extremely inverse possess different characteristics. In particular, Inverse and IDMT CT’s have different operating points on their magnetic characteristics. i.e. Both have different saturation levels.

What is dmt and idmt relay?

DMT relay stands for definitive mean time, and IDMT stands for inverse definitive mean time. In IDMT relay, there is a minimum time delay with magnitude.

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How is a IDMT relay used to give protection against a phase to earth fault a phase to phase fault on a feeder?

As with any IDMT relay the higher the fault current the quicker the trip time.

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