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Nothing. Ice cubes are ice in cube form. There are other forms of ice, including meteorological (sleet, hail, road ice, and icicles) and manufactured ice that is in blocks, crushed, shaved, or powdered.

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Q: What is the difference between ice and ice cubes?
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What is the difference between ice cubes made of distilled water and ice cubes made of tap water?

Same as with distilled water and tap water-how much particulate matter it contains.

What is the difference between Ice-cream and Popsicle?

Well ice cream is genraly ice "cream" and a popcicle is just frozen ice water with flavouring in it. ( basicaly popcicles are ice cubes)

How do you turn colourful ice cubes to white ice cubes?

Why turn them into plain clear ice cubes when u can have colorful ice cubes? colorful ice cubes are awesome

Would stirring the water in difference speeds make a difference to the ice cubes inside?

Melting is easier.

Why don't they have ice cubes in Germany?

They do have ice cubes in Germany.

What if ice cubes are put in kerosene?

The ice cubes will sink.

Are ice cubes water in liquid state?

Ice cubes are solid water.

What melts faster water ice cubes or soda ice cubes?

Water :)

How do make ice cubes?

Well, the general way of making ice cubes is filling ice cube trays with water and putting them in a freezer, or you can buy a fridge that has an ice cube machine to make ice cubes for you.

What are some examples of when a gas change into a solid?

ice cubes floor ice cubes floor

Why does ice cubes float on top of water?

Ice cubes are less dense than water.

Why ice cubes melt faster in the sun?

The ice cubes get more radiation energy when in the sun.