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the difference between the hydroelectric energy and the hydrothermal is hydrothermal is using geothermal heat (hot rocks) to create electricity by pumping it while the hydroelectric energy it uses the high dams and waterfall to create electricity.

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Q: What is the difference between hydroelectric and hydrothermal energy?
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What is the difference between hydroelectric energy and geothermal energy?

There both energy resources.

Is hydrothermal energy the same as hydroelectric energy?

No. Hydroelectric power is any power coming from water, usually from its movement, but also from its heat (thermal). Hydrothermal power is power generated only from the temperature of the water (hot springs, ocean thermal, geothermal).

What is the difference between solar geothermal nuclear fossil fuel hydroelectric energy?

they arn't the same type of energy

What is the difference between hydroelectric energy and solar energy?

Solar energy is generated using solar panels that face the sun and gather the energy. Hydroelectric energy is generated by rushing water. The intense pressure creates a large amount of energy. Basically, solar energy uses the sun, and hydroelectric energy uses water.

What is the difference between hydroelectricity and thermal electricity?

Hydroelectric energy uses water. Thermal energy uses heat. Simple Science! Duh!

What is hydroelectric energy or hydroelectric power?

hydroelectric energy is energy that comes from water

What are the differences between geothermal and hydroelectric?

Geothermal comes from the energy of the earth, hydroelectric come from the energy of flowing water. Imagine a natural occurring hot springs. This is an example of geothermal. An example for hydroelectric is a water mill.

In what ways was hydroelectric energy used in the past?

Hydroelectric energy is electric energy produced with hydro(water). How the electricity is produced makes no difference on how it is used. Electricity is used for lights, electric motors, electric heat etc.

What has the author Jorge Edmundo Castillo written?

Jorge Edmundo Castillo has written: 'Evaluation of hydroelectric energy benefits for a preponderantly thermal power system' -- subject(s): Hydrothermal electric power systems

Amount of hydroelectric energy is available?

amount of hydroelectric energy is available

What city runs on hydroelectric energy?

What city runs on Hydroelectric energy?

How is hydroelectric energy recovered?

hydroelectric energy is found in the earth core