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One difference between Herkimwe diamonds and true diamonds is that the Herkimwe diamonds are softer than true diamonds.

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Q: What is the difference between herkimwe diamonds and true diamond?
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What is the difference between fine diamond and classic diamond?

The difference between these two diamonds is marketing. Diamonds are valued according to their cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.

The marks which make difference between real diamond and false diamond?

There are no 'marks' used to differentiate between real diamonds and fake diamonds.

What is the difference between rocks and diamonds?

A rock is a rock, and a diamond is a gem.

Difference between canary diamonds and yellow diamonds?

Technically there isn't really any difference between canary diamonds and yellow diamonds. "Canary" is just one way of describing a yellow diamond's color.

What is the major difference between yellow diamonds and clear diamonds?

the yellow diamonds are very rare and thw clear diamond are not.the famous yellow diamonds come from south afriac.and clear diamond cost less then the yellow diamond

Can you see a difference between natural and mand made diamonds?

if you are a pro at diamond gazing then you will know the difference

What is the difference between charcoal graphite and diamond?

Diamonds are very hard, and graphite is very soft.

What is the difference between diamonds and blood diamonds?

2 things 1. you are stupid and you dont know differences between stuff 2. one diamond has blood on it and the other does not.

What is the difference between man made diamonds and regular diamonds?

Diamonds are naturally occurring. Synthetic diamonds are not. Additionally, most natural diamond contains inclusions of various sorts that are not present in synthetics.

What are the differences and similarities between diamonds and gold?

the difference is that gold is yellow and it is hard and a diamond is hard too, but it is not as hard as gold and diamond can be any color

What is the difference between Swiss Diamond Cookware and Teflon?

There are a few differences between Swiss Diamond Cookware and Teflon. The main difference is Swiss Diamond Cookware is claimed to be made from synthetic diamonds whilst Teflon is made of ammonium perfluorooctanoate or polytetrafluoroethylene.

What is the difference in size of carrot in diamond?

Carat is a weight indicator of diamonds. Carrots are vegetables, which don't occur in diamonds.

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