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what is the difference between character and habit

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Q: What is the difference between habits and character?
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Difference between habits and character?

Habit is similar to public "Burping". Some societies like it (as a symbol of being well fed or having enjoyed their meal as guests) and others call is "Gross" (as in bad mannered). No one is wrong. Character is similar to being "Mahatma Gandhi" or being "Hitler". Mahatma Gandhi burped and not the best dressed individual, but was a globally accepted highest character individual that mankind has seen. Hitler was well dressed/perhaps well mannered army general, and perhaps did not burp in public but was the worst character mankind has ever seen! Hope this gives you the pointers to exactly understand the difference :)

What are the connection between habit and moral character?

Habit and moral character are intimately interconnected and often intertwined with no distinguishing line. Habits in general may be deemed of two types: those which are either skills or arts, and the more important 'moral habits', thought of as habits of conduct. In this context Aristotle's emphasis on habit become increasingly relevant to discussions of moral development. Moral virtue in effect comes about as a product of habit. He lays emphasis how crucial moral "habituation" is right from an early age. It is important if people are to develop to later become moral individuals. Habits can be looked upon as moral dispositions. The progression of development of a person's character in addition moral virtues also need to posses mental, emotional, as well as physical elements, just like the process of habit-formation

Is there a difference between personality and Character?

Certainly there is a difference! Personality deals with the image that you project, how other people perceive you and how you deal with other people. Character refers to the morals that a person has, their penchant to do the right thing. Someone can have an excellent character and always be depended on to do good things, but have the personality of a wet rag. And the nicest, most outgoing person in the world can back stab their friends on a regular basis.

What is the difference between intrapsychic and interpsychic?

difference between interpsychic and intrapsychic

What is the difference between a habit and a reflex?

as a baby you are born with reflexes. Ex: flinching when you are about to be hit, blinking, etc. But you learn habits. Ex: covering your mouth when you sneeze, flushing the toilet (hopefully!), even writing with your dominant hand. Hope this helped!

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