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it is because the browser eats plants and herbs and a grazer eats grass

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Q: What is the difference between grazer and browser animals?
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Is a bull shark a browser an grazer or a scavenger?


Which would be easier to keep in a zoo grazer or browser?

A grazer of cause!!!because they don't eat as much all they need is grass or hay

Are gazelles omnivores herbivores or carnivores?


Are vulture grazer?

they are scavenger. they eat dead animals..

Is a cow a herbivore an omnivore or a carnivore?

Yes, and a grazer.

Is the gray fox a predator grazer or a browser?

The gray fox is primarily a predator but does eat some plant matter also.

How does the camel differ from other animals like cows goats etc. in food?

There really isn't much difference in terms of what camels eat (if that is what you are referring to) from cows and goats, because they can eat the same hay as a cow or goat or any other herbivore can. However, like goats and deer, camels are more of a browser than a grazer.

Is a tiger a grazer?

No, tigers do not eat plants. They are obligate carnivores and eat only animals.

What is the birth name of Brian Grazer?

Brian Grazer's birth name is Brian Thomas Grazer.

Is a whale shark a filter-feeder predator or grazer?

It is a filter-feeder predator. Predatory animals prey upon other animals, whereas grazers graze upon certain plants. As the Whale shark feeds upon microscopic plankton it is considered to be a predator and not a grazer.

Is a sheep a forager grazer filter feeder predator scavenger or parasite?

grazer!! a sheep is a grazer a sheep grazes

When was Grazer AK created?

Grazer AK was created in 1902.