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The eye of the beholder.

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Q: What is the difference between graffiti and street art?
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What is the difference between graffiti and urban art?

The difference between urban art and graffiti is that urban artists have permission from the owner of the object they are painting on this is legal. Graffiti is illegal because the person doing it does not have permission from the owner.

Can graffiti be seen as art and who believes it is art?

Yes. Graffiti can be seen as a display of public art though in some instances it is illegal. Banksy is considered a graffiti artist. He creates social commentary while tagging the city. There is a difference though, between gang graffiti and art graffiti.

What is the difference between graffiti and graffiti art?

graffiti takes its name from Latin *graphīre to write . There are so many forms of it that just saying it is all graffiti is almost the same as saying any form of music is just noise. Is graffiti art? i would argue that by its definition it is. As far as saying one is breaking the law and the other is artwork , i believe that falls upon local laws not in the name itself. All forms of graffiti are forms of expression and that is by definition art . so your answer is no there is no difference between graffiti and graffiti art

How did graffiti develop into an art form?

because the 'urban people' or the street people or any graffiti artist wanted to show and reflect their art by presenting a graffiti or a spray paint art.

What emotion does graffiti have on people?

It depends on the graffiti. Most tags and profanity is just too boring. Something by Banksey is street art that hits you between the eyes.

What has the author Gilbert Bagnani written?

Gilbert Bagnani has written: 'Graffiti' -- subject(s): Graffiti, Street art

Where did graffiti art come from?

Started with street kids with no talent spoiling the neighbourhood.

What has the author Patrick Nguyen written?

Patrick Nguyen has written: 'Beyond the street' -- subject(s): Graffiti, Artists, Modern Art, Interviews, Street art, Commercial Art galleries, Street-Art, Urban-Art

What has the author Sfaustina written?

Sfaustina has written: 'Bay Area graffiti, '80s-'90s' -- subject(s): Graffiti, Street art

Where to go to learn graffiti and street art?

You go to art school of study the other art that people do because those people are talented.

Why is street art in cities?

In the cities there are areas that are urban.. teenagers raised with the idea to express themselves and street art is one of them! However some people may say that it is not art but it is graffiti.

Why graffiti began?

Depends on the graffiti. In terms of art or vandalism, there is a difference. I think what makes it popular is in terms of expression. People express themselves in different ways and it takes a true artist to tie all this together. One of my all time favorite street/graffiti artists is Phetus.

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