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the difference between a gaucho and a cowboy is that gaucho is a tribe and cowboy is part of a western economy and they wear boots and have a blade connected to their ankle and their boots.

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Q: What is the difference between gauchos and American cowboys?
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What were the similarities between the American cowboys and the gauchos of Argentina?

i dont know can someone tell me

What are some South American gauchos activity?

Cowboys!....thats all they are....except South American.

What South American country is famous for gauchos?

Gauchos come from the pants that the cowboys of Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Brazil wear. They refer to them as pampas.

What is the name for Argentinean cowboys who herded cattle and are the equivalent to North American cowboys?

Argentinian cowboys are called gauchos. They actually existed decades before north American cowboys did. Herding cattle and hunting for food were and are their main activities. Gauchos make up the majority of the Argentinean rural population.

What do you call Argentine cowboys?


What country are cowboys called gauchos Ecuador or Zaire?

Neither! Is Argentina that calls them Gauchos

How do cowboys and gauchos compare?

i had the same question

Which country are Cowboys called gauchos?


Where are gauchos found?

Gauchos (cowboys): on the South American pampas. Gauchos (calf-length pants with flared legs): maybe in vintage clothing stores.Gauchos (ladies' western style shoes or boots): in many department stores.

What are gauchos?

Gauchos are the cowboys of the Argentine and Uruguayan pampas (grasslands). Gauchos are also a style of clothing reminiscent of the gauchos which can include the style of a hat, a vest, pants, or boots.

Should the word gauchos be capitalized?

The word gauchos is Spanish for cowboys. If you are using it in that sense - "Los gauchos cabalgaban los caballos", or "The cowboys rode the horses" - then no, it does not need to be capitalized.However, Gauchos can also be used to describe a specific group of people from the South American region. In this case, it should be capitalized, just as Southerners is capitalized when speaking of people living in the Southern United States.

What is the name by which south America cowboys are known?

Gauchos - Cowboys (Patagonia) Vaqueros - Cowboys (Western US & Mexico)

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What were the similarities between the American cowboys and the gauchos of Argentina?

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