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Punk is a subclutre, that has her own fashion, ideology and music style, that called punk rock.

Funk is a music style that has no connection to punk, it's actually a black music genere that developed from rhytm & blues i think.

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Q: What is the difference between funk and punk?
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What rhymes with slam dunk?

Punk Funk

What are the lyrics to Da Funk by Daft Punk?

Da Funk is a popular song by Daft Punk. There are no lyrics to the song Da Funk as the song is an instrumental song. This means it only contains music without singing.

Is funk music banned in Japan?

No it is not.Funk music is not banned in Japan.

What rhymes with punk?

Funk, dunk, chunk, spunk, trunk, bunk.

Are red hot chili peppers a punk band?

No, It is a funk metal band.

What type of music do RHCP play?

They combine funk, pop, punk and rap with rock.

What is the difference between rock fashion and punk fashion?

punk is more emo and goth then rock :) hope that answers your question

Are the Red Hot Chili Peppers Punk Rock?

they play a mixture of Punk Rock, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Psychedelic Rock, Rap Rock.

Words ending in unk?

* funk * sunk * hunk * bunk * dunk * gunk * junk * punk

Ry ming words for skunk?

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What is the differences between punk rock picnic and punk rock gig?

There is no difference really, between a punk rock picnic and a punk rock gig. Both of them are punk rock festivals, which means that there is lots of people coming to see it, bands performing live, people having fun, etc. The only difference might be that, at a punk rock picnic, there are some areas where people can sit and eat, whereas at a punk rock gig you can still eat, but you mostly stand up and do the pogo/moshing dance with the crowd, so that can be the only difference.

What rhymes with shrunk?

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