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freight prepaid is the shipper pays the freight cost and freight collect is the consignee whom burdens for the cost related.

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Q: What is the difference between freight collect and freight prepaid?
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What is the difference between freight prepaid abroad and freight prepaid?

what is the difference between freight prepaid and freight prepaid abroad

Differentiate freight prepaid and freight collect?

Prepaid= who ever is shipping Collect =who ever it is delivered to

For cost and insurance incoterm will it be freight prepaid or freight collect?

In cost and insurance it will be ''Freight Collect'' but if party require as '' Freight Prepaid'' then use CIF incoterms.

How calculate freight prepaid by item?

freight prepaid by item calculation

Does freight prepaid and freight collect mean the same thing?

No. Freight Prepaid means either the freight is being paid for in the price of the product or being added as a separate line item to the total order. Using prepaid freight the vendor/supplier is compensationg the carrier for the cost. Freight collect means the carrier will bill the consignee for the freight cost. i.e. your account number. To determine which way is the most cost effective depends on the rates you can get vs the rates the vendor will charge. Keep in mind that just because a vendor has a more favorable rate, that does not mean they will pass those cost on to you.

Freight prepaid abroad?

It meams that the freight will be prepaid but not at country of origin of goods and yes at another country. For exemple the prepaid freight payment, can be made at destination of the goods.

What is freight collect?

"Freight Collect" is a term used in the freight moving business that means that the freight will be paid by the person receiving the freight. The alternative would be "Freight Prepaid." If you order something, and you pay the shipper for shipping, then they will pay the charges the trucking company charges to move the item. This amount could be more or less than what you give the shipper. If you tell the shipper that you will pay the cost when it arrives, then they will ship it "freight collect," meaning the trucking company will need a check payable to them when they deliver your item. If you have an account with a certain trucking company, then you can request that the shipper use that company so that you maybe billed. It will still be "Freight Collect," but will be automatically billed to you by the company that you use. Most of time "Freight Collect" use in china shipping containers. in the BL there need use freight collect. you can visit here learn more about "Freight collect" skype: haowangjiao56,

What is the difference between freight payable as per charter party with freight prepaid?

As to freight paid as per charter-party it generally mean that freight is payable at the rate mentioned in the charter-party. So the difference is that advance freight is the freight paid in advace and freight paid as per c/p is a phrase in B/L (bill of lading) referring to rate and way of payment of freight (i.e. to which bank, by money transfer or in cash, within how many working days, etc.)

What is the difference between prepaid and fixed term contract?

Prepaid is the same as fixed term!

What does payment term prepaid mean?

Prepayments are amounts paid for by a business in advance of the goods or services being received later on. Any payment made in advance can be considered a prepayment. A prepayment is not dissimilar to a deposit, but generally falls under a more set time period for fulfillment of the goods or service purchased.

Should be the words freight prepaid be capitalized?

No. It's not necessary.

What is freight prepaid?

means it 'll be paid by the consinee before being shipped