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Frankness is to reveal oneself from the inner of him/her, without hiding anything. Blunt is a bold statement of agreement or disagreement, without any weightage to the emotions. Frankness involves one person. Bluntness involves two persons.

Frankness is friendly to emotions. Blunt does not care emotions

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Q: What is the difference between frank and blunt?
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Is there a difference between being frank and being blunt?

One may be frank and honest couched within kindliness and humility. Being blunt is saying something without the regard another's feelings.

What is the difference between forceps and blunt probe?

Forceps are instruments that are used to extract the teeth while the blunt probes are used to locate caries.

What word is better frank or blunt?

Other words for frank and blunt: honest, curt, brief, concise, terse, straight to the point, straight forward

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anne frank

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What does the saying 'to be blunt' mean?

It is to be frank, open, honest, plain-spoken.

Is there a difference between a wiener and a frank?

No, they are two names for hot dogs.

What is a sentence for the word downright?

(adv) thoroughly;(adj) absolute, complete; frank, blunt

What word means honest and sincere?

Truthful, honest, genuine, authentic, pure, frank, open, true, blunt, impartial

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A Yankee Dog is available in October!

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What are the synonyms for the word frank?

candid, open, direct, straightforward, blunt, sincere, outspoken, honest