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fluids move and are liquids, soldids are hard and and is like a dresser or something

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Q: What is the difference between fluids and solids?
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What is the difference about the intermolecular forces of attraction between the phases that allows fluids and gases to flow but prevent solids from flowing?

In gases and liquids intermolecular forces are weak.

Why are both liquids and solids called fluids?

Fluids are neither solids nor liquids. Fluids are a form between solids and liquids. Fluids donot exhibit a fixed shape like solids do and also are not free flowing as liquids are. Fluids, while maintaining their total volume can flow freely upto a certain extent. Though not very accurate, a fluid behaves some what like ketchup :)

What is the difference between clarifier and classifier?

Clarifier removes solids from Liquid and Clarifier removes solids from Gas

What is difference between aqua and fluids?


What is the process to separate solids and fluids called?

One way to separate solids and fluids is through filtration. Pour the mixture through a filter and the solids will be trapped in the filter.

What is the paticle theory?

The particle theory provides a model to help us understand the differences between fluids and solids.

What are examples of non fluids?

solids and gases

What is volume in english?

Do you mean'What is the unit of volume used in the British system of measurement? If so, the answer is:- Cubic Feet, & Cubic Inches, & Cubic Metre for SOLIDS and for FLUIDS it is Pints, Quarts, Gallons.. Be aware that you need to make a distinction between FLUIDS and SOLIDS when you discuss VOLUME.

How do crystalline solids differ from amorphous?

the difference between crystalline solids and amorphous solids are that particles in crystalline solids form a regular repeating pattern but in amorphous solids they are not arranged in a regular shapeCrystals are solids with fixed, regularpatterns

What is a medium sound can travel through?

Fluids and solids

Why solids are not called fluids?

Because the solid can be made to flow, or move so it is called as fluids

What is the medical term meaning Solids and fluids return to the mouth from the stomach?

Regurgitation or vomiting is the return of solids and fluids from the stomach back to the mouth.