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findings is actually what you found in a research or the its the basic information your looking for which were written by a scholar.

while recommendations are the suggestions of your topic,your opinion on whether any amendment should take place or not.

thanks ,karim.

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Q: What is the difference between findings and recommendations?
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What is the difference between implications and recommendations?

is implications

Who counsels the Soldier on the MEB findings and recommendations?

The PEBLO...

What is the difference between standard error and standard deviation?

Standard error is the difference between a researcher's actual findings and their expected findings. Standard error measures the accuracy of one's predictions. Standard deviation is the difference between the results of one's experiment as compared with other results within that experiment. Standard deviation is used to measure the consistency of one's experiment.

Which type of commission investigates an assigned topic and has the ability to make policy recommendations based on their findings?


What does clinical implications mean?

Clinical implications are common in research studies. There are some brief notes that highlight the concepts, diagnostics and recommendations of the findings.

Do you cite sources in the conclusion paragraph?

There should be few, perhaps none in your conclusion. The conclusion is your recommendations, your findings, your next course of action, etc.

What is the difference between findings and conclusions?

The findings in a thesis are statements in numerical form like 70% of the teachers perceived that math is difficult for students. while conclusion are general statements regarding that results like most of the teachers perceived that math is difficult subject for the students.

What is the difference between Board and Council?

Council provide consultations or directions. Board generally considers these recommendations and decides on implementing it. Board is the executive wing. Council is just a consultant.

The 4 key elements to conducting a successful annual evaluation are?

A, B, C & D. Ability to track findings and recommendations, Leadership support, Suffifient resources, Evaluation plan

What is the difference between scope and limitations of research study?

The scope is how far the research area has explored and parameters in which the study will be operating in. The limitations are characteristics that impacted or influenced the interpretation of the findings from the research.

What is orbital radiography's normal findings?

Normal findings will show the bones of the orbit intact, and will show similarity between the orbit that is being studied and the unaffected orbit

What is California PC 1203 2a?

(2) (A) The probation officer shall immediately investigate and make a written report to the court of his or her findings and recommendations, including his or her recommendations as to the granting or denying of probation and the conditions of probation, if granted.