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Extempore speech is talking with little or no preparation or forethought. Lecture means a prepared speech giving information.

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What is the difference between Extempore and a Lecture?
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Extempore speech involves speaking without prior preparation, while a lecture is a structured presentation that is usually planned and organized. Extempore speech is more spontaneous and may involve speaking about a topic off the top of one's head, while a lecture typically involves a speaker delivering information in a more formal and structured manner.

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Differences between lecture and extempore

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Q: What is the difference between extempore speech and lecture?
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What is the difference between extempore speech and elocution?

Extempore speech is talking With little or no preparation or forethought. Elocution means talking in an expert manner and speaking which involves control of voice and gesture.

What is the difference between sermon and lecTure?

Sermon means a talk on religious subject whereas lecture means a speech giving information about subjects

What is extempore presentation?

Extempore speaking is the term used for a non-formally prepared speech.

What is extempore speech?

an extempore speech competition is one in which the participants are given a topic and limited time on the spot in which they have to prepare a speech relevant to the topic , memorize it and speak it.!!!!!!

What are the guidelines for extempore speech competition?

The guidelines for the extempore speech are originality and no plagiarism or duplication of someone's else work. Age is another parameter that is used to categorize various competitors.

What is an extempore speech?

An extempore speech is given with little preparation. Many times the topic is chosen in competition from a variety of current events to see if a competitor is well versed on the topics of the day.

Topics for extempore speech?

Old wine & new bottle

How do you introduce yourself when you start the extempore speech?

By saying Good morning

What is extempore speech competition?

Extempore speech competition is an competition in which u have a option of topics and upon that particular topic u have to speak in a limited time. As there is a time limit so u should take care of your speech,it should be to the point and clear.

How do you start an extempore speech?

To start an extempore speech, take a moment to gather your thoughts before speaking. Begin with a strong opening statement or question to grab the audience's attention. You can also introduce the topic and provide a brief outline of what you'll be discussing to set the direction of your speech.

What is the difference between forum and lecture forum?

A forum is a place where people can have discussions, share ideas, and ask questions on various topics. A lecture forum typically involves one person giving a presentation or speech followed by a discussion or Q&A session with the audience. The main difference is that a lecture forum centers around a specific topic or presentation, while a regular forum allows for open discussion on a variety of subjects.

What is the difference between dialogue and formal speech?

Dialogue is a conversation or exchange of words between characters in a literary work or in real life, characterized by its conversational tone and informal language. Formal speech, on the other hand, refers to a prepared or planned address or presentation given in a formal setting, such as a speech at a conference or a lecture, which follows a more structured and polished style.