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A survey question that asks you to write a brief explanation is called

Auto correlation and cross correlation

If a married man cheats does that mean there are problems in his marriage

The nature-nurture question asks whether

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Q: What is the difference between expert systems and Artificail neural network systems?
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What is difference between wired and wireless communication systems?

We can take wireless network in rural area's this is the main difference

What is the difference between a system and a subsystem?

explain the difference between systems and sub systems

What is the major distinction between integrated network management systems and simpler network management systems?

Integrated network management systems are made up of network monitoring and network analysis tools.

What is the difference between system administrator and network administrator?

It's in the names. A system administrator administers systems, and a network administrator administers, guess what, the network. network has several meanings. Here it usually means the physical network, the wires, the routers, the hubs, the T1 lines, the internet connections, the WiFi systems.

What is the difference between end-user systems and organizational systems?

the difference between end user system and organisational system

What is the differnece in how voice is transmitted over a PSTN and how voice is transmitted over an IP network?

The difference: With PSTN, the voice is transmitted through the network of cables. While with VoIP is transmitted through the internet. This is the main difference between the two communication systems.

What is the difference between distributed systems and advance distributed systems?

no answer

What is the Difference between distributed virtual systems and distributed systems?

A distributed computing system requires each machine attached to the network to has specific software allowing them to talk to each other. A distributed virtual systems allows the machines on a network to talk to each other without the use of central software.

What is a difference between systems administrator and systems programmer?

Short answer: The Sys.Admin takes care of the network, its security and often domain administration. A Systems Programmer writes code that helps systems (applications) work together or separately within a given industry or genre.

Difference between network engineer and system engineer?

A Network Engineer will likely be working with the hardware side of a network - routers, switches and IP traffic. A Systems Engineer will be monitoring the software side - management consoles, firewalls, storage and so on.

What do you call this network today?

communication between the miultiple systems

Difference between computer network and distributed operating system?

On a computer network, operating systems communicate with each other. In a distributed operating system, a single OS is communicating with itself across multiple machines.