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close button is to shut the workbook window only w/out terminating the excel program while the exit button is used to terminate the entire excel programing for running.

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Q: What is the difference between exit and close commands?
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What are the difference between exit and quit?

The difference is in the detail.

Difference between close and exit in computer?

To close a document is to entirely shut it down and to retrieve it you would have to start a fresh by searching for it in the location in which its saved since it does not appear on your task bar whereas to exit a document is to temporarily leave the document but it can, however, be seen on your task bar.

What is the correct way to exit or close a program?

You should actually use the File feature of the program (which includes the Exit option) to properly shut down/exit/close the application.

What is the difference between exit and save as?

Exit closes an application. Save As is used to save a document with a different name, type or location. When you go to exit an application, you will be asked if you want to save any of the files that are open in the application.

What is the difference between overpass and interchange?

Overpass have only one exit while interchange can have more than one exits.

What is the main difference between a parent route and an ultimate route?

Parent route has a exit interface, but an Ultimate route has "No Exit Informationint the top is one of the other answer. but i dont want to change anything. i just want to answer that parent route has no exit interface but the ultimate route has exit interface.

What is the difference beween DOS and GUI?

DOS (Disk Operating System) runs in a text-only mode. There is no mouse--all tasks are performed by text commands. GUI (Graphic User Interface) runs an artificial environment with many visual effects and controls. Modern computers all use GUIs, with a mouse and keyboard for input. An example of the difference is that in a GUI you would click the "X" button in the top right corner to close a program. In DOS, you would type in "exit" and press enter, or use some other exit command.

How do I add time delay in a batch file?

You can use the TIMEOUT command, which paralyzes the batch file from running further commands until the timer runs out or if the user presses a key. Here's an example: @echo off Commands here TIMEOUT 10 Commands here exit The file will run whatever command you want it to run, then it will halt all running commands until 10 seconds passed, or if the user pressed a key before the timer runs out. Then, it will run any other commands you want to do after the delay, and then exit out.

What is the difference between end and Stop statement in c language?

There is no end or stop statement in C. You probably mean exit() and abort() function calls. The difference is that abort() terminates immediately, whereas exit() executes any functions passed to at_exit or at_quick_exit before terminating.

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To shutdown the computer, close desktop windows, or close metro apps?

What command is used to close the command prompt window?