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An exhibition is a display of art. An exposition is a large exhibition of art. The difference is an exhibition is more selective.

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2014-05-23 22:14:59
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Q: What is the difference between exhibition and exposition?
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What is a synonym for exposition?


Difference between an essay and exposition?

i am trying to do that as well!

What is difference between trade fair and exhibition?

In exhibition ,producers showcases their products,while tradefair it all about personal sells

What is the difference between analytical exposition and hortatory exposition?

The first one is your mamas titty milk and the other one.............. die

What are synonyms of exhibition?

Synonyms include display, exposition, show (showcase), presentation, or demonstration.

What is the meaning of exposition?

The exposition of a story includes information on the setting, characters, and previous events. The term exposition has also acquired a modern use as an exhibition of new or innovative developments in technology and industry.

What is difference between convention center and exposition center?

convention center is a meeting place. Exposition is a place to inform, explain, analyze, or define.

What is an expo?

As far as I can tell, it is used as an abbreviation of exposition, meaning a large-scale public exhibition or show.

Are exhibition names italicized?

Not usually, but their initial letters are capitalized as for any title, such as American Centennial World Exposition.

What was the major European exposition in 1851 that provided a dazzling showcase for the American inventions of Samuel Morse?

The Great Exhibition

Is the definition of exposition?

A comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory.A large public exhibition of art or trade goods.

What is the difference between initiating event and exposition?

An initiating event sets off the rest of the story, causing the conflict, complications, etc.An exposition simply exposes what is going on in the story and informs you what is going on. :)

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