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Recuse is a legal term used when a person disqualifies oneself (as a judge) in a legal case due to a potential prejudice or partiality. Example: The judge recused himself from that case, citing a possible conflict of interest.

Excuse is to release a person from an obligation or duty. Example: The gentleman is excused from jury duty as his serving would cause a hardship for his family.

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Q: What is the difference between excuse and recuse?
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What term is used to excuse a US Supreme Court justice from a case?


What is the difference between to excuse oneself and to apologize?

Excuse oneself is knowing and accepting the reasons of a mistake. Apologize is presenting one's excuses for a mistake.

What is the difference between a reason and an excuse?

a reason usually is something that happened an excuse is uasually something that didn't happen that you said happened to bye time. but of course the person who says the excuse usually doesn't tell you they are making up an excuse X)

Difference between excuse and objection?

An excuse is a weak reason why something cannot be achieved or completed. An objection is a concern about the process or the widget and it causes delay or stops progressive towards completion.

What id the difference between an excuse and a reason?

To give and excuse is to give an expanation to defend or lesson blame for ones actions. To give a reason is to simply state a basis or cause for ones actions.

Who has the power to ask the judge to recuse himself?

Any party to a lawsuit may ask a judge to recuse himself/herself.

What is the difference between gomenasai and sumimasen?

Gomennasai and Sumimasen can both mean "I'm Sorry" and in times when you want to say "Excuse me", it is usual to say Sumimasen... Another difference is, Sumimasen can mean Thank you....

What is it called when a judge removes themselves from a case?

Recuse... judge is asked to step down due to conflict or other reasons.

Does refrain and recuse have similar meaning?


Who do you contact if a judge does not recuse?

If the judge fails to recuse themselves, you have little recourse except to appeal the verdict if you believe that the judge was biased in their conduct of the trial or the verdict.

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What is the difference between reprieve and pardon?

Reprieve: to let up on a particular situation, Pardon: to be forgiven for a particular situation