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ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning Software and ERP integrates the primary business applications and provides customized solutions. It covers areas such as human resources, sales and distribution, quality management, production management, accounting, project management, and plant maintenance.


BPR is Business Process Reengineering of the business process for improvement of performance. It aids to eliminate wasteful tasks and reorganize procedures to prevent unnecessary expenses.

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the difference between BPR and ERP

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Q: What is the difference between erp and bpr?
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What is the difference between oracle and oracle erp?

Oracle is a database corporation that has many products such as Database, BI and ERP

What is the difference between erp system and traditional information system?


What is the difference between enterprise resource planning system and business process re engineering?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software platform that helps business owners determine how to best use their available resources. Business process re-engineering (BPR) involves observing and analyzing how the business works to determine changes that may streamline operation at the business. ERP and BPR can go hand-in-hand. An organization's management might use BPR as a means of looking at the current operations of a business to determine how to best proceed when designing or choosing a new ERP. Business process re engineering (BPR) is the analysis and redesign of workflows within and between enterprises in order to optimize end-to-end processes and automate non-value-added tasks. The concept of BPR was first introduced in the late Michael Hammer's 1990 Harvard Business Review article and received increased attention a few years later, when Hammer and James Champy published their best-selling book, Re engineering the Corporation. The authors promoted the idea that sometimes-radical redesign and reorganization of an enterprise is necessary to lower costs and increase quality of service and that information technology is the key enabler for that radical change. Contact for ERP Software for your

Difference between ERP and TPS?

ERP is an integrated TPS that facilitates the flow of information between the functional areas of a business, primarily provides an organization with an integrated suite of TPS functionality.

What is BPR?

BPR is business process re-engineering

What is BPR called?

Business process reengineering is known as BPR

What are the differences between BPM and BPR?

BPM understands the dependencies and interactions among the people, system and the information needed to do the tasks better while BPR is all about automation and downsizing of the organisation

What are the difference between tally ERP9 and old tally version?

in tally erp 9 you can do vat and in old version u cant

Differences between ERP and TPS systems?

ERP is an integrated TPS that facilitates the flow of information between the functional areas of a business, primarily provides an organization with an integrated suite of TPS functionality.

Difference between tally 9 and tally erp 9?

the main Difference Between Tally9 and TallyErp9 is Remote Access and Data Synchronization . Tally9 can not Connect from Any Other Location. Tallyerp9 Is connect from Any where in World. Tallyerp9 having Advance Payroll options.

What is non-ERP System?

any system which is not erp is non erp system

What is the ERP driver?

ERP Driver is a sync tool that is involved with the integration between an ecommerce site and your erp system. It is developed by Website Pipeline. They have standard ERP integrations for Sage 100, 300, 500, and X3. as well as integrations into Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX, and NAV.

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