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Diet Soda has no carbonation regular soda has carbonation also, regular soda has more calories in it.

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Q: What is the difference between diet and regular pop?
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How can you tell the difference between diet and regular pop?

you have to test it get 20 people and see if they can tell the difference about the pop. you have to test it get 20 people and see if they can tell the difference about the pop.

How is diet pop different from regular pop?

Diet pop contains "aspartame", it is the "diet" part of the drink that takes the calories, fats and sugars out of regular pop.

What fizzes longer diet or regular pop?

diet pop fizzes longer than regular pop(proved by experiment)

Is diet pop better for you than regular pop?

no its not

Is there more carbonic acid in diet pop than regular pop?

No there is less in Diet

Why does diet pop freeze quicker than regular pop?

because sugar acts as an antifreeze, and diet pop has less of it.

What are the types of pop?

regular, diet, caffeine free

Is diet pop or regular pop more fattening?

Diet, it makes you hungrier, which makes you eat a lot more calories.

Does diet pop have more carbonation than regular?

i think it does because it is reaplaced by carbonation and regular pop is filled with suger.

What will cause more weight gain diet pop or regular?

Regular pop is sweetened with sucrose and / or high fructose corn syrup and so will have more calories than diet pop. However, the sweeteners in diet pop still give you a taste for sweet things so you may end up eating just as many calories in the rest of your diet.

Does regular pop have more pop than diet?

it depends on what you mean by pop, if you mean pop as it has more sodium or more fizz than yes

Do Mentos explode with other pop?

No mentos only explode in diet it pop if you try regular you will be wasting your time

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