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Demolition - It is the art of destroying something. Used in a negative sense.

Renovation - It is the art of re-building or repairing or upgrading something. Used in a positive sense.

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Q: What is the difference between demolition and a renovation?
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What is the difference between renovation and remodel?

Renovation and remodeling are completely different entity. Renovation means changing the finish and the color of a property whereas remodeling means changing the structure and volume of the property.

Where can you find free bricks?

You can look around you at renovation and demolition sites. It is easy to find there free bricks. Think also to classified.

What are a few demolition contractors that are located in Boston?

RM Technologies, North American Dismantling & Demolition, CJ Doherty Inc., and ASAP Inc are just a few companies who will help demolish in Boston. Demolition contractors are a helpful part to any renovation in that they will be able to take down walls or even electrical wires with precision, rather than risking personal injury.

What is the Greek word for renovation?


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Demolition is correct.

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Is there a website that can give me bathroom renovation ideas?

There are lots of websites where one can get bathroom renovation ideas. The most popular website is Pinterest and Instagram where you can get tons of home renovation ideas without any problem. When you’re considering a bathroom renovation, it’s best to consult a professional like Yalla Renovation who can undertake the remodel and ensure that it’s as safe and well-designed as possible. If you’re considering a renovation but are budget or time-stressed, there are many ways to reconfigure and breathe new life into your bathroom without requiring a serious demolition. If you’re looking to make some small changes, requiring minimal effort for maximum impact, why not consider an easy refresh like a vanity replacement, new fixtures, or perhaps an installation of some fresh tiles. For more details visit

What could be a sentence with word renovation?

The kitchen renovation cost $20,000. A renovation is a complete over-haul of a room or building.

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