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dehydration synthesis is the joining of substrates to make a bigger compound and dehydration is when a large compound goes into an enzyme and breaks it down into smaller pieces.

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Q: What is the difference between dehydration synthesis and dehydration reaction?
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Is water release in dehydration synthesis?

yes cause of reaction between oxygen and hydrogen

Polysaccharides are formed by dehydration synthesis reaction between monosaccharides what does this mean?

Polysaccharides are formed by a dehydration synthesis reaction between monosaccharides. What does this mean?

What is the difference between dehydration reaction and hydrolysis reaction?

In dehydration, water molecules are removed. Hydrolysis is the opposite of this. In hydrolization, water molecules are combined.

The type of reaction by which proteins are synthesized?

The type of reaction by which proteins are synthesized is dehydration synthesis. This process forms peptide bonds between the amino acids.

What is the difference between direct combination synthesis reaction?

they are the same thing

Which reaction dehydration synthesis or hydrolysis converts a polymer to its monomer?

Hydrolysis converts polymers to monomers by adding H2O between each monomer. In dehydration synthesis, the opposite occurs. As the name implies, water is removed in order to bond the monomers.

Difference between organic reaction and organic synthesis?

a organic reaction is any reaction particular to organic compounds organic synthesis is a reaction or series of reactions used to produce a particular compound

What is the difference between dehydration reaction and hydration reaction?

Hydrolysis is the reaction of an organic compound with water, whereas dehydration is the removal of water molecules from an organic compound.

How can be dehydration synthesis reversed?

In chemistry, condensation reactions are when covalent bonds are formed between molecules and a water molecule is generated as a byproduct. The reverse of this process is hydrolysis, whereby water is consumed in order to cleave a covalent bond.

How can you tell the difference between synthesis decomposition or exchange reaction?

what is mg + 2hcl - MgCl2 + H2

A dehydration synthesis reaction between glycerol and a single fatty acid would yield?

This reaction would yield a fatty acid glyceryl monoester, more commonly called a monoglyceride or monoacylglycerol.

What is the difference between biosynthesis and lab synthesis?

Difference between biosynthesis and synthesis