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Dark is an adjective darkness is a noun

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Q: What is the difference between dark and darkness?
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What is the difference between light and dark?

The difference between light and dark is a rather complicated topic. It involves, with light, their being certain wavelengths present. With darkness, there are no wavelengths present.

What is the difference between time and darkness?

Time you can recruit Celebi and Darkness you can recruit Mewtwo

What is the difference between darkness and evil?

dark isn't necessarily evil considering that it is a more general characteristic. However, one who is evil enforces evil duties which one who is dark doesn't possess. Hope that helps!

What does Shin no Yami mean in English?

It could have several different meanings depending on the kanji used. Yami means dark or darkness, but "shin" has many different meanings, so the phrase could mean any of the following: Dark Mind/Mind of Darkness Dark Heart/Heart of Darkness Dark God/God of the Dark/God of Darkness Dark Forest Dark Wood New Darkness Parent/Kinship of Darkness True Darkness Core of Darkness Dark Water Trust in Darkness/Faith in Darkness Without context it's hard to determine which meaning is meant.

What is the difference between Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Darkness?

In time you can get Celebi on your team. In dark you can get mewtoo on your team. And everyone knows the other one...Palkia Is Dark (Star Pokemon Juts Like In Pearl) and time dialga actually i have darkness and i've got both palkia and dialga...

What is the difference between shadow and darkness?

a shadow is cast when something comes in the path of light. darkness means with little or no light.

What is the difference between the Dark Forest and Place of No Stars?

There is no difference between Dark Forest and Place of No Stars, it's just another name for it.

Is there a difference between the helm of darkness and the realm of darkness?

Yes, the Helm of Darkness is something that Hades, the god of the Underworld, wears to make himself invisible. The Realm of Darkness is the Underworld itself.

What is abstract noun for dark?

Darkness is the abstract noun.

Would darkness in Kingdom Hearts be Dark Matter?

No, the darkness is just that; Darkness

How many pages does On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness have?

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness has 284 pages.

Why was the ocean of darkness names the ocean of darkness?

bec. it is dark