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Incomplete question, difference between cutting and what.

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Q: What is the difference between cutting?
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What is the difference between cut in half and cut into halves?

There is not much or a difference, though cutting into, "Halves" means cutting something in half, then cutting it in half again.

Difference between single-point cutting tool use in lathe and shaping machine?

explain the difference between single point & multi point cutting tool

What is the difference between oxygen and acetylene cutting tips?


What is difference between coping and cutting?

Cutting can be used as a way to cope. So, i don't think there is a differance.

What is the difference between cutting tap and roll tap?

tapping is a metal cutting process & rolling is a forming process.

What is difference between orthogonal cutting and oblique cutting?

orthogonal cutting is a 2D cutting having 2 forces i.e cutting force and feed force where as oblique cutting is a 3D cutting having additional force i.e radial or passive force.

What is difference between the sphincterotomy and sphincterectomy?

The suffix -otomy means cutting in to, not necessarily cutting out. The suffic -ectomy means cutting out. So a spincterotomy would be cutting into the spincter and a sphincterectomy would be removal of the sphincter

What is the difference between selective and clear cutting?

Clear cutting removes all trees and vegetation. Selective cutting only removes the trees they want, usually the oldest and the best.

What is the difference between single and double edged swords?

One cutting edge vs two

What is the difference between shearing and cutting?

Shearing requires one blade to pass over another blade or a fixed edge. Cutting only requires one blade.

What is the visible difference between a metal cutting hacksaw blade and a wood cutting hacksaw blade?

the wood blade has sharp long teeth and the metal on has small tiny teeth

What is the difference between Cutting the grass or mowing the lawn?

Basically there is no difference. Ordinary people cut their grass, those with social aspirations mow their lawn or have a gardener to do it for them.