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Divergence: rate of spread of vector in free space for non closed path.


Curl: rate of spread of vector in free space for closed path.

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Q: What is the difference between curl and divergence?
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Difference between convergence and divergence?

Convergence- When things come together Divergence- When things move apart

What is the difference between morphological divergence and homologous structure?

Morphological divergence is a process resulting in homologous structures.

What is the difference between divergence and speciation?

Divergence is both the cause and the result of speciation. Speciation marks the boundary between the level of divergence where interbreeding between subpopulations is still significant, and the level of divergence where it is not. When subpopulations of the same ancestral stock diverge, speciation may occur. When populations stemming from the same ancestral stock become and remain reproductively isolated (eg. when speciation has occurred), divergence may proceed unimpeded.

Is there another word for discrepancy?

difference, divergence

What the closest in meaning word divergence?

Synonyms for the noun divergence are difference, deviation, or variance.Example Sentence: The divergence in our plan was made due to a of lack of availability of the materials.

Differentiate between transverse and longitudinal waves?

Longitudinal waves are scalar waves with the divergence of the vector vibration, Del.dEv/cdt . Transverse waves are vector waves with the curl of the vector vibration, DelxdEv/cdt

What is the difference between cultural convergence and cultural divergence?

With cultural convergence, cultures are coming together. With cultural divergence cultures are kept separate. Celebrating Cinco De Mayo in the United States is an example of cultural convergence. The Day of the Dead Celebration in Mexico is an example of cultural divergence.

The accumulation of differences between species or populations is called?

divergence / divergent evolution

What is the difference between a relaxer and a perm?

A perm adds curl to straight hair and a relaxer straightens curly hair.

What is the difference between the Conair infiniti you curl and the Conair infiniti you curl XL?

The xl has bigger size and you can ge more loose curls from it. The smaller one will give you tighter curls.

What is divergence in relation to evolution?

Increasing divergence between reproductively isolated populations, occasionally leading to speciation, is one effect of evolution.

What is transformed divergence?

Transformed divergence is the calculation of a distance between two signatures. This calculation is typically used to predict the results of a classification.

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