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Crime is breaking the law. Delinquency happens over time when someone continues to do things that are harmful and questionable to others and their property.

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Q: What is the difference between crime and delinquency?
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Difference between juvenile delinquency prevention and juvenile delinquency control?

The difference between Juvenile delinquency prevention and control is simple. Prevention is pre-crime. Control is post-crime. For example, Boys and girls programs, after school programs and drug abuse programs are prevention. They are trying to prevent the problem from happening. Seaches and sezures, check points, arrests and things of this sort are considered to be control. When you get caught at a check point its not preventing you from drinking it is meant to catch you in the act of drinking and driving. You have already committed the crime.

Difference between delinquency prevention and delinquency control?

Delinquency prevention is implemented to keep juveniles from committing crimes in the first place. Delinquency control attempts to stop crimes from occurring in the future for juveniles.

Difference between criminal act and an act of delinquency?

the differnce between a criminal act and a delinquency act in school violance

What is the significance of the study of oscar lewis in juvenile delinquency and crime prevention?

significance of study juvenile delinquency

What has the author Ruth Shonle Cavan written?

Ruth Shonle Cavan has written: 'Delinquency and crime' 'Readings injuvenile delinquency'

What is the difference between crime scene and scene of a crime?


What is difference between crime and criminal?

a criminal is a person who does crime, crime= something illegal.

What is the difference between cyber crime Computer crime?

Mostly a difference in terminology. They mean essentially the same.

What has the author Marc Riedel written?

Marc Riedel has written: 'Crime and delinquency' -- subject(s): Crime and criminals

What is the difference between crime rate and crime volume?

your crime rate is the percentage of the crime, and the volume is the number of crimes

What has the author J E Eardley-Wilmot written?

J. E. Eardley-Wilmot has written: 'A second letter to the magistrates of Warwickshire on the increase of crime in general, but more particularly of juvenile delinquency' -- subject(s): Crime, Crime prevention, Juvenile delinquency

What has the author James William Russell written?

James William Russell has written: 'Delinquency and crime prevention (via diversion of juveniles and delinquents from incarceration)' -- subject(s): Juvenile delinquency, Crime prevention, Research