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What is difference between cooperative and other forms of Business organization

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Q: What is the difference between cooperative and other business organization?
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Enumerate the similarities and difference between cooperative society and joint stock company?

What are the similiarities and differences between cooperative business and joint stock business

Difference between school organization and business organization?

school organization and business organization is same and different?

What is difference between organization and business?

A business is an entity that comprises individuals with one aim or goals in a certain market competition. While a business organization talks about the scheme or system of how a certain business entity is able to systematically handles and organizes different departments in their business.

Difference between organisation and industry?

An organization is like an individual business and a industry is an larger organization that produce and manufacture goods

What is the Difference between partnership organization and a corporate business organization?

There are several differences, but the main one is this. A corporation is a separate legal entity. A partnership is not.

What is the difference between a partnership and a cooperative?

A cooperative is guided by its objects and principles a partnership follows what the partners want to do

What is the Difference between a cooperative community and collective community?

the name

What is difference between business nd business organization?

:)Am beginning with a smile because i asked the same question to my business teacher when i was in form 4 and i will answer you exactly as she answered me.The difference between business (transaction) and business organization can be understood by defining business and an organization.A business - is a process of going into a transaction with a customer (either buyer or business partner), to purchase your good or services. it can also be defined as an exchange that occurs between a manufacturers and customer, where the manufacturer provides the customer with goods or services in return for the customer's money (value of goods or services sold).An organization - is an established entity, with the sole purpose of selling good and services, or serving as a distribution network for goods and services.therefore, the difference between business and business organization is that, business is the process of engaging in transaction or negotiating a deal of exchange between a customer (either individual or company) and seller (either individual or company), while a business organization is an a firm established for the sole purpose of undertaking a business business is an exchange or transaction between a customer and seller, while business organization is a firm that sell business (goods or services) to people.

What is the difference between business letter and business report?

A business letter is a communication regarding a matter of business to or from a business, public or private organization, or a private person (persons).A business report is a document of organized information prepared for people within a business, organization, or agency, or to the public.

What is the difference between a personal business letter and a business letter?

A personal-business letter is one that is sent from an individual to a business or company. Whereas, a business letter is a letter sent by the company or organization.

What is the difference between an association and an organization?

what is the different between an organization and an association?

What is the difference between an organisation and enterprise?

An organization is basically any collection of people, whether for profit or non profit. An enterprise is usually a business, for profit organization.

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What is difference between business nd business organization?

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