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Concentrated urine forms because ADH is present which absorbs water. As tubular fluid flows down the descending convulated tubule, the water osmotic decreases. As it flows through the ascending tubule the water osmotic increases, becasue water is impermeable in ther ascedning Loop of Henle, so while Na and K are being taken out, water is not. There is also a counter current flow that happens in the LOH.

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Q: What is the difference between concentrated urine vs dilute urine?
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Urine specific gravity of 1.012 is dilute or concentrated?


What hormone that decides dilute or concentrated urine will be formed?

aldosterone is the hormone that decides this

Why is the first urine of the day most concentrated?

The color of urine is determined on how concentrated the urine is. It's from all of the toxins being excreted. In the morning it's a fasting urine and you haven't drank fluids all night. So it's concentrated and dark yellow. During the day, you drink and dilute the urine so there more water in the urine, less concentrated and lighter in color

Does ADH favor the formation of dilute or concentrated urine?

ADH causes an increase in water reabsorption in the kidneys. Thus, by absorbing more water, the urine becomes MORE concentrated (more compounds in less water = more concentrated)

Type of urine excreted when the water content of the body is low?

Concentrated, the more excess water is present in the body the more dilute the urine becomes.

Is normal daytime urine output dilute or concentrated?

since your bodies goal is homeostasis the more fluids in, the more out. Certainly metabolic rates and diet can have an effect, but generally speaking your body produces more dilute urine during daytime.

Why is urine yellow Why is urine clear Which is better?

Urine is yellow due to the presence of a pigment called urobilin. When urine is dilute,its colour becomes light due to the abundance of water. Dark yellow urine shows that the urine is concentrated which is because of dehydration.

Will a womans dilute a mans urine?

Will a woman's what dilute a mans urine?A woman's urine?Not really, they are essentially the same aside from a slight variance in hormones.

Water loading result in the production of concentrated or dilute urine?

-Increase water intake, or water loading, will result in dilute urine in person not diagnosed with any kidney condition. This will happen because of an incease in water being absorbed in the bloodstream which will then become part of the plasma.This event will lead to an increase in blood volume. The increase blood volume will further lead to an increase in glomerular filtration rate in kidney which will lead result in excess formation of urine which is dilute in nature.

What is the Substance that increases urine of untreated diabetic?

Glucose is high in the urine of an untreated diabetic. Glucose itself makes the urine hyperosmolar (concentrated with solutes), which in turn makes it absorb extra water from surrounding tissues, which creates extra, dilute urine. This in turn dehydrates the surrounding tissues making the patient thirsty.

Will warming up urine dilute it?


What is the relationship between antidiuretic hormone and the colour of urine?

As adh aids in the reabsorbtion of water in the kidneys urine becomes more concentrated so urine becomes darker.