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As verbs the difference between conceited and concedeis that conceited is past tense of conceit while concede is to yield or suffer; to surrender; to grant; as, to concede the point in question.

As an adjective conceitedis having an excessively favorable opinion of one's abilities, appearance, etc.; vain and egotistical.

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The difference between conceited and conceded is that conceited is when someone is over confident in themselves and conceded is when someone admits defeat.

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Q: What is the difference between conceited and conceded?
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What is the homonym for conceited?


Is conceded an adjective?


What is a conceded person?

I believe you mean a conceited person. This is someone who has a high opinion of themselves.

When someone say that you are conceded what does that mean?

You're thinking of the word conceited, which means arrogant or vain.

Can I say I don't want to sound conceded?

No: it would not make sense, as "conceded" is the past tense of the verb "to concede" which means "to give in", "to yield" or "to accept defeat". A word that sounds like "conceded", "conceited" would make more sense. "Conceited" means "arrogant"' "full of one's own importance", "vain" or "excessively full of oneself". In that sense, you could understandably suggest you are trying to appear modest by saying: "I don't want to sound conceited".

What is the difference between the words conceited and concealed?

conceited means: one who thinks they are better than everybody else; one who thinks highly of him/herself. concealed means: to hide something.

Your boy friends boastfully says he in on his way to greatness. So why does it sound conceited?

There is a very big difference between being proud of yourself and being conceited. If he acts like this all the time, then I would say that it is conceited. But if this is the one time that he can be proud of himself for accomplishing something, then I would say it's not to conceited.

How is goal difference calculated in soccer?

Goal Difference is an important statistic used in football, mainly to diffrentiate between 2 similarly placed teams. Goal Difference = Goals Scored - Goals Conceded.

WHAT is goal difference?

It is the number of goals scored, minus the number of goals conceded.

What does goal difference mean in English soccer?

You take the amount of goals scored and subtract the amount of goals conceded and that gives you the goal difference. It can be negative or positive. It is used as a way of deciding the order of teams in a league when they have the same amount of points.

What is the difference between conceited and stuck up?

the difference is that conceited means something like a person who is the version of the thing that understands why the trump got a loan small loan of a million dollar because he's a perfect leader who deserves to be called the one and only thing that can help restore the problems on the window pane where the future of the state of Columbia resides. That's the difference, mr. Avila. Thanks for asking. Have a lovely day

Is there a name for someone who always talks themselves up Meaning they think they are more worthy than they are?

A person who things all about themselves or thinks they are the best is Conceded. It is pronounced cun-seed-ed. lol... i think you mean conceited