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What is technical difference between colorimeter and turbiditymeter

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Q: What is the difference between colorimeter and turbidimeter?
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What is colorimeter reading?

the reading on a colorimeter, abit obvious :S

What is the difference between a colorimeter and flame photometer?

A colorimeter is a scientific instrument that measures the intensity of light passing through a pure sample. In biology, colorimeters are used to monitor the growth of cultures. As the culture grows, the growing medium becomes more cloudy and absorbs more light.

What is meant by photoelectric colorimeter?

Photoelectric colorimeter is a medical term. Essentially, it is referring to a colorimeter using a photoelectric cell and appropriate filters instead of the eye.

How does a Colorimeter work in Colorimetry?

A Colorimeter can measure the absorbency of light waves. The Colorimeter has a set of changeable filters that can show which color of light to examine for greatest accuracy.

How could a colorimeter be used in a breathalyzer test?

A colorimeter is used to measure the intensity of color. The colorimeter would detect an intensity of a blue green color. When alcohol that is present increases.

How do you use a colorimeter?

we can use colorimeter for quantitative analysis of a specific substance which absorb light in the visible region.

How does colorimeter work?

By colour base

How would you calibrate a colorimeter?

A colorimeter is simply a sensor of color. The instrument is normally labelled clearly for easy use by new users.

Who discovered the colorimeter?

It is not something that was discovered, it was invented. One of the most popular designs is the Duboscq colorimeter which was invented by Jules Duboscq in 1870.

How many filters are present in colorimeter?

Typically a colorimeter has three filters. However, this can change depending on the company and type of colorimeter. For example our Gamma Scientific tri-stimulus colorimeter uses four extremely stable colored glass filters in conjunction with high quality silicon photodiodes for increased accuracy. This is done to more accurately match the CIE standard observer functions. These resources may be helpful if you have further colorimeter questions:

Why you are using blank in colorimeter?

we are using blank because if we are not inserting anything in colorimeter and keeping it open then the light from the surrounding may affect it's absorbance causing damage

How does a forensic scientist use colorimeter?

he buys a colorimeter from eric sykes for 1 billion pounds and then eric sykes throw pound coins at you while he wipes his bum with 50 pound notes