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A colleague is related to a workplace whereas an accomplice is realted to a sort of crime or wrongdoing

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Q: What is the difference between colleague and accomplice?
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Another word for Ally?

accessory, accomplice, associate, collaborator, colleague, friend, helper, partner

What is the difference between accomplice and approver?

An accomplice is a co-accused with other persons in commission of a crime. While one of the accused persons turned to a prosecution witness on the condition of giving him pardon, he is an approver.

What is the difference between alley and ally?

An ALLEY is a--often dark--space between two buildings.An ALLY is someone you work with. (Synonyms: Friend, Accomplice, Teammate, etc.)

What is the difference between a mate and a colleague?

A colleauge is someone who you work with, on a professional level. A mate is someone who you are afflicted with it is more personal.

What is the difference between sunbae and hyungnim?

Hyungnim is basically older brother, while sunbae refers to a more experienced colleague or friend.

Someone who helps a criminal is called a what?

Accomplice. Or it could be an Abettor.

What is the verb form of accomplice?


What is a sentence with the word accomplice?

I was the accomplice to a crime

What is plural of accomplice?

The plural of accomplice is accomplices

What is the difference between a band 2 and band 3 colleague at Sainsburys?

Band 2 is most colleages band 3 is team leader or store trainer etc pay

Was your ex-colleague or is your ex-colleague?

Is your ex-colleague.

What does accomplice mean?

An accomplice is somebody who joins in with an activity of another person. Usually an accomplice is somebody that has helped a person commit a crime.