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what is the difference between epiphytes and climbers

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Q: What is the difference between climbers and epiphytes?
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What is difference between climbers and creepers?

Climbers can either move horizontally or vertically. Creepers only move horizontally.

What are the plants that grow on attached to tree?

Plants such as ferns, mosses, epiphytes (orchids, bromeliads etc.), vines and climbers as well as a range of parasitic plants

What is the difference between the vegetations of the eastern and western Himalayas?

The eastern himalayas 1)Chinese and malayan flora present 2)flora is much thicker than that of the west 3)members of cycadaceae are present and orchids palms and bamboos are common 4)epiphytes and climbers are in great profusion. The western Himalayas 1)European and Siberian flora are present 2)flora is much poorer than that of the east 3)cycadaceae is absent and orchids,palms and bamboos are fewer in number 4)epiphytes and climbers diminish to a considerable extent.

Although both creepers and climbers have weak stems how can we differentiate between the two?

Both creepers and climbers are weak-stemmed plants and, hence cannot grow erect without support. The difference between these two is, creepers spread horizontally along with the soil, whereas climbers take the support of an object for climbing.'

What is the difference between creepers climbers?

if you are talking about vines, a creeper creeps along the ground and a climber climbs up a cliff or tree or something.

What is the scientific name for epiphytes?

what is the scientific name for epiphytes?

Lianas and epiphytes?

Lianas = Woody vines Epiphytes = Plants that grow on other plants Both are plants.

What are the areal plants?

The answer is Epiphytes

What trees do epiphytes grow on?

what kind of epiphytes are found in the flood planes of north east u.s. forests

What animal eats epiphytes?

animals in the rain forest eat epiphytes like beetles, salamander, and tree frogs

What is the similarities between climbers and creepers?

Climbers and creepers are plants that have weak stems. They must have support in order to grow erect. They are both often used for decorating, or greening, facades.

What is its purpose of epiphytes in the rainforest?

To look pretty