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there both the same

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Q: What is the difference between carrion and live prey?
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Do red kites kill their pray?

Red kites do not eat live prey, they are carrion eaters.

Is a owl a scavenger?

Owls are Birds of Prey like Eagle, the only difference being, that, they hunt at night.Scavengers are organisms who feed on carrion( dead flesh).Owls are mostly hunters.

Do wolves live at the North Pole?

Wolves do not live at the north pole. They live in a temperate climate where they feed mostly on small animals and carrion. There is insufficient prey to sustain them in the polar regions.

What animals live in murder groups?

A group of CROWS is called a murder. A group of crows is called a murder. This is not what they do. They are not birds of prey, although they may eat carrion.

Why are vutures killing?

Vultures are carrion eaters, they seldom kill their own prey

What is the difference between a predator and its prey?

A predator is the one that is hunting and the prey is the one being hunted.

Do spotted tailed quolls forage for food?

Quolls of any variety are opportunistic carnivores. This means they not only hunt live prey, but also scavenge, or forage, for carrion.

Do red-tailed hawks kill prey?

Yes. They hunt their prey, catch it, kill it, and eat it. Sometimes they'll settle for carrion.

Are Tasmanian devils scavengers?

Tasmanian devils feed on carrion (the remains of dead animals) as well as live prey. In this way, they help to clean up the environment. A scavenger is an animal that is an opportunistic feeder, taking the opportunity to feed on any meat that comes its way, dead or alive.

How a camel catches a prey?

Camels don't catch prey. They mostly eat plants, though they will eat some carrion, which they would not have caught themselves.

What is the difference between prey and pray?

'Prey' is an animal which is hunted for food, or a victim of an enemy. 'Pray' is to worship or commune with a deity.

What is the difference between a swordfish and a marlin?

the marlin is bigger and spears its prey from below.