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the term blood clot is fancier than the term scab.

A scab is often larger (a clot can be so small that it fits inside your artery) a scab is often an older and external clot which has hardened.While blood is solidifying and bleeding has not quite stopped, it is clotting.

"Scab" has other meanings too (such as one who breaks a strike) while blood clot is unambiguous.

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Q: What is the difference between blood clot and scab?
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What is the relationship between a clot and a scab?

you cant have a scab without a clot, the clot forms when the blood coagulates (becomes thick and basically fills the hole, over time the scab forms and uses the clot like scaffolding to fill the gap with new cells, when its done falls off.

What are Blood coagulates to form a?

Clot, or scab.

What does Hemostasis lead to?

coagulation, or the formation of a blood clot,which turns into scab if it is on the outside of the body.

What form blood clots when a blood vessel is cut?

Yes platelets form a sticky clot when a blood vessel is cut.

What do you call the red scab or clot that stops the bleeding?


What happens when your scalp bleeds?

The blood will clot and turn into another scab. If you pick this scab, it will bleed again and will take longer to heal and leave a much worse scar.

Sequence blood clotting from the wound to forming a scab?

After the clot is in place and becomes hard, skin cells begin the repair process urn the scab. Eventually, the scab is lifted off. Bacteria that might get onto the wound during the healing process are destroyed by white blood cells.

How does it take for a fracture to heal?

Platelets form a clot on it and forms a scab but if it doesn't work properly it can cause an embolism when the clot moves ad they can't move through blood vessels

Why cant the bleeding stop?

You might not have enough white blood cells to help form the clot. Otherwise, if a scab is forming, do not pick at it but do allow it to harden.

How does a cut or a scratch heal?

Our white blood cells' jobs are to protect us. When the skin is cut, the white blood cells move torward the cut, and start forming the scab.

If you have hemophilia and scrape your knee why does it keep bleeding?

When you have hemophilia, the proteins that clot your blood are not being created and therefore, a scab cannot be created to effeciently stop the bleeding.

What happens if the blood doesn't clot?

when your blood doesn't clot( or create a scab)then that means you may have a rare blood may need to see a doctor and you will continue to bleed until you faint or die.