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bites is units for memory, hertz is units for frequency

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Q: What is the difference between bites to hertz?
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What is hertz and bites?

Hertz (Hz) is a cycle/second. Bit is the simplest unit of information.

Difference between hertz antenna and marconi antenna?

Hertz Antenna is lambda by 2 antenna & marconi antenna is lambda by 4 antenna...

Write the difference between audible and inaudible sound?

Audible sound is the sound which is between 20 Hertz to 20000 Hertz and can be heard by human beings, whereas Inaudible sound may be below 20 Hertz or above 20000 Hertz and this can't be heard by human beings.

What is the difference between a 60 hertz television and a 120 hertz television?

The 120 will produce clearer horiz. movement on the screen, good for sports viewing.

What is the difference between 50 Hertz and 61 Hertz?

Frequency is determined by the supply voltage, not by the load. However, for reactive loads (inductors or capacitors), the reactance will vary according to the frequency applied.

What is the difference between ram and storage?

A ram file is bigger with more bites

What is the difference between flea bites and misquito bites?

The fly and the mosquito are 2 different insects, besides that they transmitt different diseases.

What is the difference between an ant bite and a mosquito bite?

The difference between an ant bite and a mosquito bite is quite simple. These bites come from two different insects.

What is the difference between a hertz and a decibel?

Hertz (Hz) means the unit of cycles per second (1/T). It has to do with the frequency.Decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit of measurement that expresses the magnitude of a physical quantity.Since it is a ratio of two quantities with the same unit, it is a dimensionless unit. Both have nothing to do with each other. It is totally different, like cars and bananas.Decibels is a ratio and hertz means cycles per second. The difference is like between bananas and apples.

What is the difference in size in an iPhone 2g and an iPhone 3g?

There is no difference in VISUAL size between the two. The difference is the gigs. Each gig has one milion bites of memory and so the iPhone 2g has two million bites of memory and the iPhone 3g has three million bites of memory. It sounds pretty complex, I guess you could say, but it really isn't.

What is the difference between frequncy and amputide?

Frequency is rate at which something is happening whereas amplitude is the strength of a wave, if that wave is traversing a distance of 5 mts in 2 seconds its frequency is 2.5 Hertz. Hertz means per second

What is the difference between the mosquito and the housefly?

A mosquito bites and a house fly doesn't, but the house flies are soooooo annoying.LoveAc. x