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The difference between a bisphosphate and diphosphate is very simple.

For a diphosphate, the 2 phosphate groups in the compound are directly attached to one another.

For a bisphosphate, the 2 phosphate groups in the compound are attached to different atoms on the compound, meaning that they are not attached to one another.

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Q: What is the difference between bisphosphate and diphosphate?
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What is a bisphosphate?

A bisphosphoglycerate is any of a group of compounds containing two phosphoglycerate groups.

What is the difference between pyrophosphate and bisphosphate?

The ion biphosphate is (HPO4)2-.The ion pyrophosphate is (P2O7)4-.

What hydrocarbons has five carbons?

Thousands if not millions of compounds have six carbon atoms.

What does RuBP mean?

Ribulose Bisphosphate

Is ribose part of adenosine diphosphate?

Yes, as Adenosine Diphosphate (ADP) is the product of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). The only difference between the two is ADP has on less phosphate group. Both ADP and ATP are composed of one pentose sugar ribose, 2 or 3 phosphate groups, and adenine.

Is there any difference between biphosphate and bisphosphate?

In biphosphate, two molecules of phosphate are attached through each other to the SAME CARBON atom. Difficult to find this kind of molecule.Whereas, in bisphophate, two molecules of phosphate group are linked at two DIFFERENT CARBON atom. ex: Fructose 1,6-bisphosphate, where at C1 and C6, each Carbon atom bonded to it.

What are the two differences between ATP and ADP?

When ATP or Adenosine TriPhosphate is broken, it creates energy and breaks into two things, ADP or Adenosine DiPhosphate and a Phosphate group. That is one difference...that's all I know.

The energy molecule ATP is a product of the reactant?

adenosene diphosphate

What is the meaning of rubp in biology?

Ribulose Bisphosphate

What structural difference between ATP and ADP is the number of what groups?

Phosphate Groups.ADP is Adenosine diphosphate (di as in two)ATP is Adenosine triphosphate (tri as in three)So ATP has one more phosphate molecule than ADP.

Is there any distinction between biphosphate and diphosphate?

biphosphate refers to two phosphate monoesters attached to one central molecule, whereas diphosphate refers to two phosphate monoesters attached to the SAME POSITION of one central moelecule.

What is RUDP?

Ribulose Diphosphate