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To assess means to observe, see, evaluate a situation before you make any decision or action. You can also re-assess after you act on a decision or perform an action to determine the effectiveness of your action.

To assist means to help.

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Q: What is the difference between assess and assist?
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unable to differentiate the difference between Business Consulting and counselling please assist

Is there a statistical test to assess the difference between two ratios. I have numbers which are ratios and want to test whether there is a statistical difference between them?

You can use the z test for two proportions. The link below will do this test for you.

Difference between aid and aide?

Aid= to help or assist Aide= a person who helps or assists

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Given any two groups there will usually be random variations in their scores. A proper statistical test is designed to assess whether the observed difference is likely to be a result of such random variation or if it due to a genuine - reliable - difference between the groups.

What is the difference between a registered nurse and a nurses aide?

A nurse's aide isn't a nurse... they're there to assist, and may or may not be acting in somewhat of an apprentice capacity.

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With dynamic strategic planning decisions are linear. Management must assess a variety of situations and circumstances before they are able to properly develop a course of action.

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The word appraise means to assess, judge or evaluate something. Meanwhile, the word apprise means to inform or notify someone about something. Many use the words incorrectly.

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