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In the body, veins deliver blood back to the necessary organs. Arteries take blood away from the heart so it can be filtered and distributed to the body. Capillaries are thin walls that exist where arteries become veins and vice versa.

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Q: What is the difference between artiries capillaries and veins?
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What is difference between capillaries and veins?

Capillaries are smaller, thinner and have less surface area than veins. Veins take blood to the heart, and capillaries are the thin tubes that connect the veins and arteries together.

How are artiries and veins alike?

They both carry blood in them, but veins take blood to the heart, artiries take blood from the heart, usually!

Where are the capillaries place at?

The capillaries are in between the red and blue veins :)

What are the similarities between arteries and capillaries and veins?

Veins, capillaries and arteries is that they are all stops for blood.

Bridges between the veins and arteries are called what?

Capillaries are bridges between the arterys and veins

What is the connecting link between arteries and veins?


Which veins open up into the capillaries?

plmonary veins begin as capillaries and end as capillaries

What are some similarities between capillaries and veins?

arteries take blood away from heart. veins take blood to the heart. capillaries have thin walls

What is the difference between artries veins and capillaries?

Arteries carry oxygenated blood away from the heart, to the cells that need them. Veins carry blood containing carbon dioxide back to the heart after the oxygen has been given to the cells. Capillaries are the thinnest arteries and veins. They are only one cell wide. As the blood cell passes through the very thin capillary, the cells on either side are given oxygen and carbon dioxide is taken from them. Therefore, the capillaries connect the arteries and veins. Veins are thinner than arteries. Arteries are thicker than capillaries.

Capillaries form the connection between the arteries and veins?

Capillaries connect the smallest branches of arteries and veins The walls of capillaries are just one cell thick. Capillaries therefore allow the exchange of molecules between the blood and the body's cells - molecules can diffuse across their walls. This exchange of molecules is not possible across the walls of other types of blood vessel.

Name three blood vessels?

the three blood vessels are the Veins capillaries Arteries the arteries.

What structures connect the smallest arteries with the smallest veins?

Capillaries are the structures that connect arteries to veins.