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Well, there is no difference.

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Q: What is the difference between articulate and fluent?
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What are synonyms for articulate?

fluent, intelligible, expressive

What are synonyms for fluent?

effortless, articulate, well-versed, voluble

What is a word for someone who describes things well?

Eloquent, fluent, articulate, expressive.

What does the word articulate mean?

Articulate means to speak very well and fluent

What are the difference between fluent English and native English?

Native English is likely to have a regional accent or dialect.

What is the relationship between articulate and speech?

Articulate, as a verb, is the act of producing speech. Articulate, as an adjective, is the property of being able to produce speech well.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'a way with words?

A person who has "a way with words" speaks eloquently. He or she is articulate. He or she has a strong command of the language he or she uses. He or she phrases ideas in a fluent and interesting manner.

What the differences between being articulate and functional?

What do functional meam

What does quick-tongued mean?

Quick-tongued refers to someone who is fluent and articulate in their speech. They are able to respond quickly and effectively in conversations or debates. It implies that they have a sharp wit and can think on their feet.

What are the words to describe someone who speaks well?

articulate, big-mouthed, chattering, chatty, effusive, eloquent, fluent, full of hot air, gabby, garrulous, glib, gossipy, long-winded, loose-lipped, loquacious, loudmouthed, mouthy, multiloquent, prolix, rattling, talky, verbal, verbose, vocal, voluble, windy, wordy

What is a sentence for fluent?

He was fluent in German.I am not so fluent in Japanese.

Is fluent an adverb?

No, the word fluent is not an adverb.The word fluent is an adjective.