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Both are same only. that is care during pregnancy or before birth of a baby. Antenatal is more commonly used in UK.

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Q: What is the difference between antenatal care and prenatal care?
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What is the difference between antenatal care and post natal care?

perbezaan antara postnatal dengan atenatal

What is anti-natal care?

Caring for mother and baby AFTER the birth.

What is focus antenatal?

Is an antenatal care where by client are attendend to individually and each problems treated uniquely'

What is the difference between prenatal and postnatal care?

Postpartum relates to the mother's conditions after giving birth.Postnatal refers to the baby's conditions after being born.

Care before birth is called?


What is involved with antenatal care?

Antenatal care is a form of nursing care that takes place during pregnancy. It also helps make sure that you receive maternity healthcare suited to you.

What is antenatal nursing?

care of pregnant women and their families

What has the author Jean Rankin written?

Jean Rankin has written: 'Effects of antenatal exercise on psychological well-being, pregnancy and birth outcome' -- subject(s): Exercise, Exercise for pregnant women, Mental health, Pregnancy, Prenatal care

You are 28 weeks pregnant and you had no prenatal care.?

i need example of prenatal care for 12 weeks to 40 weeks

How soon should you seek prenatal care?

Once you are pregnant you should start prenatal doctor visits. Early in the pregnancy, the doctor will prescribe you prenatal vitamins.

Can a pregnant minor get confidential prenatal care?

Your prenatal care is always confidential. If you are a patient to any doctor it is confidential. This is usually the law everywhere.

Are there Prenatal vitamin gel caps?

Prim Care One is a great prenatal gel cap!