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There are several differences between electric bass and an acoustic guitar. A Bass Guitar has only four strings, which are thicker, while an acoustic guitar has thinner strings and has six of them.

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Q: What is the difference between and electric bass and an acoustic guitar?
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What is the difference between a acoustic guitar and an electric acoustic guitar?

An Electric Acoustic Guitar is an acoustic guitar with the addition of a pickup or transducer that enables plugging it in to an amplifier. Type your answer here...

What is the difference between an acoustic electric guitar and a standard electric guitar?

An acoustic electric guitar differs from a standard electric guitar in the fact that a standard electric guitar depends solely on the electricity of the amplifier to convert the string vibration. An acoustic electric guitar also has also a microphone which will magnify and convert the sound.

What is the essential difference between an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar?

Electricity. The electric needs to have electricity and plugged into a amp to get the sound.

What is the difference between acoustic spanish guitar and acoustic hawaiin guitar?

There is no difference

What is the difference between acoustic guitars and acousic-electric guitars?

Acoustic guitar is what it says acoustic, none electric makes the sound from the guitar body/chamber. Acoustic/electric or electro acoustic look the same as an acoustic but have a pic-up fitted inside the body to link to an amplifier. A Semi acoustic guitar looks more like an electric guitar but with a hollow body or chambered body with pick-ups mounted on the sound board of the guitar.

What is the difference between bass and acoustic?

When you play the bass guitar chord it is longer than the acoustic guitar chord and the acoustic is for country or rock songs

Can you play electric guitar songs in acoustic guitar?

offcorse, but there is sound difference.

What is the difference between an electric guitar to a acoustic guitar?

one has an amp jack and can change the sound it makes and one doesn't and can't

Can you use electric guitar stings on an acoustic?

Guitar strings aren't seperated between electric and acoustic, the varieties are nylon, steel... etc.

Does guitar class in high school require an acoustic or electric guitar?

The big difference between these types of guitar is that an electric is much quieter than an acoustic. In a high school class full of teenagers a student with an electric guitar will not be able to be heard by the teacher. This is a BIG detriment to one's progression with the instrument. Most classes require an acoustic guitar but technically you can still learn in a group setting with a quieter electric guitar.

What is the difference between a guitar and an acoustic guitar?

There is no such thing as a "guitar". There's an acoustic guitar, electric guitar and classical guitar. They all have different sounds. Acoustics are usually for country music, electrics are usually for rock and classical guitars are specifically made for classic guitar.

Plug electric guitar to acoustic amplifier?

Yes, you can plug an electric guitar into an acoustic amplifier. But I would suggest that you don't play at a high volume for a long period of time of the difference in impedence - an acoustic guitar (and bass and vocals) is low impedence, where an electric guitar (& keyboard) is high impedence.