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An Opera is a play set to music with props costumes scenery and lighting. It is usually peformed by an orchestra, soloists and chorus, whilst a play is just a drama, a story.

A play is an acted out story with spoken scenes. A play with singing scattered between spoken scenes is a musical or operetta. An opera is a play in which all words are sung.

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Q: What is the difference between an opera and a play?
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What is the difference between soap opera and opera?


What is the difference between Classical Opera and Opera of Verdi?

Within this context -- any Verdi opera would be considered a classical opera.

What is the difference between opera and classical music?

when you do opera its with your voice and when you do classical music its with an instrument

What is the difference between peking opera and zarzuela?


What is opera singing?

it is like a stage play...the only difference is your singing..

What One major difference between opera buffa and opera seria is?

Opera buffa has comic elements, while opera is strictly dramatic.

One major difference between opera buffa and opera seria?

Opera Seria is a serious or tragic opera, and Opera Buffa is a comic opera. Other than that there are more differences between operas of different periods than between the serious and the comic operas.

What are the differences and similarities between a play and an opera?

A play is interesting to watch and an opera is really long and boring. The only similarity is that they are both live shows. Never go see an opera.Second answerOpera is a play set to music. That is the only difference. Some plays and operas are boring; some are exciting and enjoyable.

What is the difference between operas and musical?

Please rephrase - the question is unclear.Music is a part of opera. Opera is a stage play in which all the dialogue is sung with musical accompaniment. The difference is that opera needs music but music doesn't need opera.

What is the difference between opera 12 and opera 17?

The key difference between the 2 browsers is the engine that they are built upon. Opera 12 uses Opera's own Presto engine, whereas Opera 17 uses the Chromium engine that underlies Google's Chrome Browser. Opera has also declared that they would follow Google when they use the Blink fork of the Webkit engine.

What is difference between opera and musical?

In general, opera is entirely sung, while operettas and musicals include spoken dialog.

What is the difference between an operetta and an opera?

Opera is mostly 100% singing and operetta is roughly 70% sung and 30% spoken.